Friday, December 24, 2010

Diet!!!(so broken english..sorry)

Yes i on diet!!!
are my diet is work??
Not all my lemaks is burn..
Why its happen??
Because i on heavy diet, where i not manage my eat time very well..
What do you mean u not manage your eat time?
well yes i only eat rice sekali sehari but the thing is i eat at night..its not good..another thing that make my diet not really work is i escape my breakfast, i trus jump on my launch and i don't have enough time to sleep....see so bad right??
If you think it is bad, why you do this??
I don't know. i just want to loose my weight quickly...
So what are u doing now is not good for your health, you better find another alternative to loose ur weight.....
I don't know...i really want to loose my weight...argghh please help me....Can you????

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